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Extinct volcano Vihorlat is 1076 metres high. After climbing on it, you will get almost aeral view on Sirava, most of all villages lying between Vihorlat and Michalovce. In sunny day you can see Michalovce too and on other side you will see Sninsky kamen (Snina's stone mountain). Comfortable and medially difficult path - 20km long with exceeding cca 800 meters over sea level you can start in village Poruba pod Vihorlatomm where you will follow red sign and get to the top of mountain. By yellow sign you can get back to village Jovsa and rejuvenate yourself with mineral spring. You will sure like the sight and nature around. 
From the lake Morské oko (sea eye) there is possible to follow hiking path to little Sea eye, or to top of Sninsky kamen, from which you will see similar sight as from Vihorlat. Sninsky kamen is igneous andezit formation, which consists of two parts: Small and Big stone. It is 1005 metres high.  


It's founder was unknown Venceslav. Long-term feudalists of Vinne village - the Sztarays - are stating that castle was their property from the beginning. Castle was built in the 13th century after invasion of Turkishes as similar to castles Brekov and Jasenov. In time of internal politic disorder in the year 1466 it was damaged. In the 16th century it was renovated again. Castle had bad defence, so in year 1594 was defeated and ruined by emperor's army. Owners of castle renovated it again, but in the 17th century they leaved it for Michalovce, where they life in modern castle.


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